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Educational Resources

Cameras and the history of their portability as a classroom subject

Six educational toolkits to further develop the concepts of cameras and their portability in the classroom. The content is in line with the Québec Education Program. These toolkits are intended for teachers of Secondary 2 through 4.

Educational Toolkit: The Cinématographe

By exploring different movies shot with this camera, discover the Belle Époque period in Europe (1890-1914) and then create your own film.

pdf (215.45 KB)

Educational toolkit: The Bell & Howell

Through the analysis of a written document, travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century to learn about this camera, which was invented in the early heydays of cinema.

pdf (219.70 KB)

Educational Toolkit: The Bolex

Through an auditory experience, discover a camera that was popular with amateur and experimental filmmakers alike.

pdf (217.03 KB)

Educational Toolkit: The Portapak

Discover a camera that witnessed big social and political changes in Quebec in the 1970s and learn about the role it played.

pdf (209.07 KB)

Educational Toolkit: The Aaton

Discover this camera and its contributions to documentary filmmaking by viewing and analyzing creative works from Quebec.

pdf (235.64 KB)

Educational Toolkit: The GoPro

Through a comprehension exercise, discover a small camera with big stories to tell.

pdf (248.95 KB)